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Belmont Primary


The curriculum followed is based on the Northern Ireland Curriculum, specified under the Education (NI) Order 2006.  The learning opportunities are broad and balanced and meet the needs of individual children.

The curriculum in Belmont includes:

  • Language and Literacy, which includes Reading, Writing and Talking & Listening
  • Mathematics and Numeracy, which includes all areas of number and non number
  • World Around Us, which includes Science, History and Geography
  • The Arts, which includes Art, Music and Drama
  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
  • Physical Development and Movement
  • RE
  • Information Technology (ICT) is used daily in all aspects of the curriculum

By Primary 3 our children learn to play recorders and learn Beginner's Spanish.  School trips and visitors are used to enhance learning opportunities throughout the school. 
We believe that in the early years children need experiences in all these areas in order to develop sound foundations for learning.  Our approach is through a balance of practical and written work, through topic work and through individual, group and whole class teaching. Careful monitoring and evaluation ensures that all children are challenged and experience success.