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Belmont Primary

Inspiring educational excellence and self-belief


Belmont Primary caters for children in the Primary 1 - 3 range.

Situated in the the heart of Belmont in East Belfast, Belmont Primary has been catering for the educational needs of local children since we first opened our doors in the historic Belmont Tower in 1890, moving to a new, purpose built school in 1999.

At Belmont Primary we pride ourselves on our caring and welcoming ethos, where the individual needs of each and every child are at the core of everything we do. In our challenging yet supportive environment our children thrive academically, socially, physically and creatively. We provide innovative learning experiences, embedded in our own good practice, both inside and outside the classroom. Our pupils are motivated and enthusiastic about learning, enabling them to achieve high standards. 

We value and encourage parental involvement and have many opportunities for parents to be a part of their child's education. By choosing Belmont Primary, you will enable your child to learn and develop in a positive and progressive learning environment.

In out most recent inspection in June 2011, the Education and Training Inspectorate concluded that Belmont Primary was "outstanding" in each area inspected, stating that "the quality of education provided by this school is outstanding" and that "the quality of the pastoral care is also outstanding". To read the full inspection report, please click here.

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Primary 1

As the children begin their educational journey at Belmont, we introduce them to many topics and learning experiences through practical and structured activities. Very quickly, the children realise that learning is fun in our warm supportive environment. Friendships are formed and self-esteem developed.


Primary 2

With literacy, numeracy and socialisation skills well established, the children in Primary 2 explore new aspects of the curriculum and are well equipped to face new challenges and learning opportunities. Co-operation and self-confidence continue to grow through our positive approach.


Primary 3

By Primary 3 our children have the confidence and the transferable skills to take risks with their learning and be involved in decision making. With high expectations and increased responsibility in the school, our children thrive in all areas, both educational and social.


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