Health and Safety Policy





The objective of this policy is to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that no person is placed in a position where injury or ill health is caused as a result of the building or any procedures/practices carried out within the school.


The Governors, principal and senior management team will pay particular attention to the provision and maintenance of the following -


  • a safe and healthy working environment with safe access and exits

  • well maintained plant, equipment and systems

  • safe storage of substances eg cleaning and equipment

  • information and/or training which will allow all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to health and safety at work.


    The Board of Governors will carry out an annual inspection of premises.


    The board of governors delegate to the principal the day to day responsibility for and management of health and safety.  She is designated Health and Safety Co-ordinator and will take on the responsibilities laid down in Section 7 of the Board’s Health and Safety manual.


    The principal and senior management team will monitor health and safety throughout the year.  Each member of staff will be vigilant in health and safety matters and report any hazards to the principal immediately.  In the absence of the principal these should be reported to the vice principal or any member of SMT.


    Advice will be sought from the Education Authority or other relevant bodies as necessary.


    This policy is based on the BELB Health and Safety in Education (1997) Manual.




    All accidents will be recorded on an accident form as soon as is practical and a copy will be sent to the Education Authority.

    A copy of the forms will be retained at school. All accidents will result in an accident slip being filled in to alert parents.  Where injury may need more than basic first aid and or where a head injury is involved, parents will be phoned immediately.


    The school has an upgraded alarm system and fire extinguishers.  These will be serviced annually and any fault will be reported immediately and remedied quickly.  There will be termly practice fire drills.  Zones and fire alarm panels are checked by the caretaker on a weekly basis and recorded in the Fire Safety folder.

    All safety signs will be regularly checked.



    An up to date inventory of all electrical equipment will be maintained.

    All electrical equipment will be checked annually.

    PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) and the necessary recommendations will be put into place.



    All PE equipment will be checked annually.

    Mats will be kept in designated store.

    Only adults ie teachers, classroom assistants and the caretaker will set up or put away benches, climbing equipment etc. The trim trail will be checked each Monday morning for vandalism or wear and tear. Signs will be used to prevent usage at times of bad weather.



    The governors will inspect the building annually, usually in June.  They will note any necessary repairs and report these to the board.  The principal will liaise with the relevant board officers to arrange for the work to be carried out.  Only contractors recognised/identified by EA-B will be used.  While they are on the school’s premises the principal and caretaker will as far as practicable ensure that they carry out their tasks safely.  Suitable times when pupils are not on the premises will be arranged for particularly hazardous repairs.  The principal will take responsibility for day to day decisions about repairs.



  • Training will be provided for the caretaker on a regular basis

  • All cleaning equipment and substances will be kept in the caretaker’s store and used only by authorised persons.

  • Only essential cleaning will be carried out in classrooms while pupils are present eg mopping up of water or when a child has been sick.  All other cleaning of classrooms, shared play areas will be carried out after 2.15 pm (P1 area) or 2.30 pm (P2 and P3 areas).  Administration areas may be cleaned during school hours.  Toilets are cleaned after break, after lunch and after school closure.

  • The outside areas will be kept clean and free from hazards

  • Litter will be regularly removed as will debris left by intruders at weekends etc

  • Fences, gates etc will be kept in good order

  • Lifting regulations (see caretaker manual) will be adhered to

  • No items will be stored in the boilerhouse or electrical room.


    This is a general policy - it will be used in conjunction with the Health and Safety Manual for principals and governors(BELB) and the BELBclean caretaker’s manual.















    Updated September 2016