Complaints Policy





Any complaint made by a parent will be dealt with swiftly in the following way:-


  • Teachers will deal with minor day to day complaints or concerns as they arise.  If time is required to investigate the matter the parent will be given a specific time for a later response and/or meeting.  The teacher will make brief notes


  • Teachers will inform the principal of any complaint they deem to be serious or of a more complex nature.


  • The principal will usually respond within 24 hours to any request for a meeting or a telephone discussion about a problem.


  • All complaints are taken seriously and treated with respect.  Parents are encouraged to approach the principal or the class teacher at an early stage of a concern rather than waiting until it has developed further.  They are reminded of this option through parent meetings, the annual report and the prospectus.  If the class teacher and principal cannot satisfactorily resolve a situation then parents are informed of their right to put the complaint to the board of governors and after that to the Education Authority and to the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman. 


    It is hoped that parents will feel enough confidence in the school to be able to talk any problems through with the class teacher, vice principal or principal and have their concerns dealt with to their satisfaction in this way.


    2010 - 2017 :  No complaints about pupils, their progress or well-being taken to Board of Governor level.



    Updated April 2017