Christmas Activity Afternoons

This year the activity afternoon proved more popular than ever.

Over two days a total of 68 pupils joined Mrs McIlroy, Miss Boyce and a band of PTA volunteers to make crowns, colour in mugs, make gingerbread men and lady calendars and decorate a bun.

In addition to all of this the pupils decorated their own bags to take all the crafts home in.
Snacks were provided twice throughout the afternoon and pupils enjoyed a DVD before moving onto their next activity.

After all the crafting was done the staff and volunteers were treated to Belmont’s Got Talent – with singing, dancing and joke telling to name but a few of the talents.

It wouldn’t be proper party afternoons without party games such as pass the parcel and the jumping beans game.

With pupils not wanting to leave the school at 6pm and parents requesting their child come again next year, the staff and volunteers concluded the days were very successful.